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UK Radio Line of Sight Surface Elevation Profile Generator

Our UK radio line of sight surface elevation profile generator uses surface elevation data to plot a line of sight and terrain profile between 2 points. The red line on the graph shows the line of sight, any green terrain above the line will affect radio signal propagation between the 2 points.

Click two locations on the map to create an elevation profile between the 2 points, the start point is indicated by a green pin and the end point by a red pin. As soon as the second red pin is placed a line will be drawn on the map between the 2 pins and a graph showing the elevation profile will be displayed. The pins can be dragged to fine tune the locations. Antenna heights are preset to 2 meters above ground level, the start and end antenna heights can be altered by clicking the map pins and entering a height in meters.

The surface elevation profile is an approximation based on surface elevation radar data, it can be used to predict whether it may be possible to hear a radio signal between the 2 locations. If there is a lot of high terrain above the red line of sight signal path, it is likely a signal will not be heard between those 2 locations.