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ProgDN - Quick & Easy Programming for the Uniden BCD160DN and Uniden BCD260DN

Our progDN Windows app makes programming the Uniden BCD160DN and Uniden BCD260DN scanner simpler than ever, each time you run the app it downloads the current database so you are always programming the most up to date information.

Not only does the app have a data grid you can edit but it allows you to load blocks of frequencies at the click of button. Suppose you wanted to listen to RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall, simply click Mil Airfields, then click Lakenheath and Mildenhall, press program and you're done.

The app also has a backup and restore feature so you easily create a backup of your current programming, the restored file can also be opened in the programming grid to ammend or add-to your existing programming.

Subscribers can download the app below, you need an Active Subscription to use it, you can upgrade a non active subscription for £5 for the rest of your current year.

v1.0.0 Released 06/06/2024

Main Features:-
Download ProgDN See Prog125 Youtube Video for similar functionality

Prog 125 UBC125XLT Programmer