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Radioreference UK Subsciptions

Subscription costs just £15 for 1 year, please follow these instructions to subscribe:-

1. Create an account on RRUK by clicking here
2. Pay the subscription via the Paypal button below.
3. If the email address you register with does not match your Paypal email use the contact link to send us your username after paying.
4. Once paid, we will enable the account, this is a manual process so may take a few hours.

Click below to subscribe via Paypal

We have a number of video guides on Youtube showing some of the features available to subscribers

A 1 year personal subscription to Radioreference UK costs £15, by subscribing all search and export features are available allowing you to find frequencies to listen to around any location in the UK and program your scanner.

Subscribers with an Active Subscription also get use of the RRUK Scanner Linker PC App, this interfaces with most popular scanners and SDRs to do automatic superfast frequency lookups. Scanner Linker is a free extra, if you cancel your Active Subscription it will disable access to it.

To subscribe first create a login then pay the annual subscription quoting your username.

The £15 subscription is for personal use only, please contact us for business or commercial use.

Limits for subscribers are as follows:-

Maximum frequencies returned by a single search = 1000

Maximum range from Town or Postcode 50 miles

You may login from any browser on a PC, Mac, Android / IOS device etc, only 1 device can be logged in at once, logging in on a second device will logout the first device.

Scanner Export function for the following:-

See detailed information in map popups.

Subsciber Map View