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RIAT 2023 Frequencies for Prog125 - Uniden UBC125XLT Quick Program

We've put together a list of frquencies for RIAT 2023 into a g125 file to use with our Prog125 programming software.

To use the file follow these steps:-

1. Start the Prog125
2. Backup your scanner (optional)
3. Click Open Programmer
4. In the programmer window click File Open
5. Load the .g125 file you downloaded
6. Click the green Program button

Do not add frequencies in the normal way from the app buttons or it will re-order and the data, you can add frequencies manually in the grid.

The file is for your personal use ONLY as per the subscription terms.

The file is arranged as follows:-

Bank 1 Fairford
Bank 2 Brize Norton
Bank 3 Display Frequencies (Red Arrows, Black Eagles, BBMF, Common Display etc)
Bank 4 Common frequencies (NATO Tower, Approach, Low Level, Guard etc)
Bank 5 Fairford / Brize Less common A-A and Ops
Bank 6 Swanwick Mil (Most likely for area)
Bank 7 RIAT RAF Charitable Trust Ground Comms
Bank 8 Empty
Bank 9 Empty
Bank 0 Empty

Download Prog125 Prog125 RIAT File